Machine Vision

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.

— Jonathan Swift

Machine vision is a relatively new technology. This method is used to deliver imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for applications such as unmanned inspection, industrial process control, and robotics and many others in the industry. Using industrial grade camera, we have expertise in machine vision esp. position recognition, inspection, moving capture, materials analysis, medical and evidence collections . We have expertise in

Industrial monitoring and inspection

Production control

Material inspection

PCB inspection

Printing & packaging

Computed Tomography

Textile inspection

Solar panel detection

Robot & Automation

Sports & Motion

Industrial camera is applied in microscopic image acquisition, measuring size of the observed object, photographing and saving the observed images. In addition, there are other applications such as skin examination, textile testing, and biological observations, assisting reading for the visually impaired, printing and industrial detection, precision machinery. We can support in

Life and science


Medical care

With the advantages of shoot and play, ease of operation, high resolution of industrial camera, computer vision is appropriate for reconstructing the experiment and reinstate experimental process. Digital microscopy can be used in metallography. We have experience in visual feedback, synthesizing information, data collection and statistical analysis. We have solution for non-destructive test image processing. We use image processing tools namely

Pattern recognition

Artificial intelligence

Three-dimensional measurement

Image segmentation