Novel Instrumentation

"That the history of physical science is largely the history of instruments and their intelligent use is well known. The broad generalizations and theories which have arisen from time to time have stood or fallen on the basis of accurate measurement, and in several instances new instruments have had to be devised for the purpose. There is little evidence to show that the mind of modern man is superior to that of the ancients. His tools are incomparably better." -

Ralph Müller

We have experience in the following instrument developments:

1. Non-contact type length measurement of Ductile Iron Pipe

2. Laser based Surface Roughness Testing System of Steel bearing

3. Liquid Drop Contact Angle measurement

4. Leak detection in pipe-lines

5. Metal surface inspection, crack detection

6. In-situ crack detection

7. Vibration monitoring

8. Eddy current Instrumentation

9. Laser based measurement